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The Issue: How long will LSU and Oregon hold the top 2 spots in AP poll?

All they hear is "Who wants cake?" by Scott Gonzales

LSU will retain the number one ranking throughout the rest of the season. They have two games left on the regular season schedule (at Mississippi and home against Arkansas), which will be a cakewalk for them. The only challenge will be playing Georgia for the Southeastern Conference Championship, but the No. 2 offense and No. 1 defense in the conference will propel them into the BCS championship game.

After beating up on Arizona, Oregon will face UCLA and come tumbling back down to earth, eliminating them from championship contention. UCLA has been known to knock off the big dogs late in the season, like they did to USC last season, even if they are not a very good team. Don’t look now, but here come the Jayhawks. Grade: A

More so than a fruitcake by Ronnie Turner

Scott, you’re nuts if you think LSU’s regular-season finale against Arkansas on Nov. 23 will be a cakewalk. I doubt the Tigers will simply run over any team that has dynamic running backs Darren McFadden (1,431 yards, 12 TDs) and Felix Jones (1,032 yards, 11 TDs).

And besides, no game this season has been a sure win for the top dogs. There have been crazy upsets all over the place for the top 10 squads. Therefore, I’m going to make a crazy prediction: Arkansas upsets No. 1 LSU. That will end the Tigers’ reign at No. 1 and knock them out of national championship contention.

Oregon, on the other hand, will be fine. The Ducks will roll past Arizona (winner over UCLA) and UCLA (loser of three straight games), and barely get by Oregon State before strolling into the national title game, where they’ll face Big 12 champion Oklahoma. Grade: B

No cupcake teams here by Chris McCown

Neither team has an easy road, and neither team will make it down that road without another defeat. I’m predicting both of them will suffer crippling upsets, LSU in the SEC Championship game and Oregon to a fired up Oregon State team.

In theory, that leaves the Big 12 winner with a berth in the championship game – LSU or Oregon – unless West Virginia can go through the rest of their schedule undefeated.

People throw around the word "parity" a lot these days, but it really has hit college football hard this year. There isn’t a single team in the nation that you can point to and say they are definitively head and shoulders above the rest of the teams with similar records.

Here’s hoping that sparks some debate over at the NCAA headquarters over whether or not to put a playoff system together. Just kidding. Grade: C

He takes the cake Judge Dredd

Mr. McCown what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things Judge Dredd has ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read to it. Judge Dredd awards you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

How, in your make believe world, would the Big 12 winner play either LSU or Oregon, if you predicted they would both lose before the end of the season? Losers don’t get a chance to play in the title game.

Arkansas won’t be a cakewalk for LSU, but the Tigers should win. Judge Dredd isn’t quite sold on Kansas yet. The one and two spots should remain the way they are until the season’s end.

Verdict: Scott wins, only because Judge Dredd was tired of giving himself victories.

The winner: Scott FACETIME: Did you see that voodoo, which I do, like a guru, that you don’t do like I do?

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