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Friday, August 12, 2022


Web site gets mixed reviews

Since the redesigned UH Web site launched Nov. 4, administrators have received positive and negative feedback from the campus community.

"We know that the structure of the new site is a big change – especially if you used the old site on a regular basis," said Darcie Champagne, project manager and director of University Marketing.

While the administration’s goal has been to attract prospective students with the new look and easier navigation, current students have both praised and complained about the redesign.

Music graduate Shannon Langman said it has improved in its content.

"When I first applied here I could not find a thing on the old site," Langman said.

Advertising senior Blake Land said that the redesign has been helpful compared to the previous site but he’s not convinced about the aesthetic quality.

"I’m still not sold on the way it looks," Land said.

Despite the changes made, others have said more needs to be done to make it user-friendly.

"Most of the information on the site is quality, and it is updated enough," law professor Ernest Powell said. "(The site) could just be organized more to be user-friendly."

A non-scientific poll conducted on The Daily Cougar Web site from Nov. 4 to Nov. 12 showed 47 percent of people said the new UH Web site was "hideous."

In total, 172 people responded to the online poll, which represented the opinions of Internet users in general, not the public as a whole. Although the majority disliked the aesthetic makeover, 26 percent said it was "great" and 11 percent said it was a "good change of pace." Out of the remaining 16 percent, 14 percent said the Web site could improve and 2 percent did not care.

Champagne said feedback received from faculty, staff and students has fallen into three general categories of "I love it, I hate it and can you fix this item/make this item easier to find?"

Most feedback has been in the last category, Champagne said.

"These are people who have found a broken link, found that something was missing from a page or just have a good idea about something that would improve the site," she said.

To send feedback regarding the UH Web site, click on "Contact Us" or use the "Current Students" link at

Additional reporting by Mayra Cruz, Mike Damante and Kim Thai

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