Aqua Teen’ series leaves hungry fans satisfied

Ridiculous, outrageous, hysterical, not to mention hilarious and ripe with comical innuendos, Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 5 has arrived. Starring Meatwad, Master Shake and Frylock, it gives Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans something to munch on.

Carl – poor Carl. He’s still poking his head into his neighbors’ business, getting himself and the gang into plenty of unwanted trouble. Even though each show of the delicious Aqua Teen Hunger Force is approximately 12 minutes, viewers and faithful fans will be more than satisfied with what’s for dinner.

It’s always funny to discover who Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans are because you would never guess that in their spare time they fiend for crude and honest humor. Volume 5 feeds this addiction more than the previous seasons. This season delivers just as much dirt (they literally get filthy), just as much pungency and just as much family wholesomeness. If grandma is visiting, don’t pop this in.

There were moments when gusts of laughter flew out of my mouth and tears ran down my face. Episodes "Ezekiel" and "Antenna" took the cake for me. Even though it seems like Aqua Teen Hunger Force is merely a show not to take seriously, these guys identify with several important topics of everyday living. You will encounter subjects such as global warming, coming to terms with death, "baby-daddy drama," the responsibility of dog ownership and insight on how to coexist with a new roommate who does not have anything in common with you. They’re the 21st century’s modern-day psychologists. You read it right. The guys show viewers what not to do when faced with these types of issues.

Nonetheless, valuable lessons are learned and hard times are salvaged.

The weird audio introduction of the theme song and seeing the absurd opening credits gave me goose bumps. My amigos were at it again. I was turned on to Aqua Teen Hunger Force a few years back. Because of pure boredom, a friend got me to look at an episode, and I did not understand anything that was going on or even what any of the characters were saying. I was more surprised to see that it lasted about 15 minutes on television. The characters are simply idiots, and I fell in love with them for it. At that moment I knew all anyone needs to understand Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a little dieting and fasting of the mind. It took next to nothing to get into the swing of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force way.

Volume 5 includes more than 170 minutes of nonstop buffoonery, an uncensored take on "Dickesode," humorous deleted scenes and even includes a music video for your pleasure. If you missed any of season five or if you secretly prefer uncensored and too-explicit-for-television episodes, then run to the store immediately and welcome the Aqua Teen Hunger Force into your life.

For those trying to watch their figure, this kind of food will leave you full and just a little bit gassy, but energized – all without a calorie gained.

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