Movies to set the mood for the perfect Valentine’s date

The entire night hangs in the balance.

Roses in one hand, chocolates in the other, you find yourself meandering through the endless aisles of movies, looking for the perfect one.

That one’s too mushy. Too old. Too foreign. Too long. Every excuse to pass one up, but not a single excuse to pick one.

And yet, the choice is simple. You don’t find the love that matches the movie – you find the movie that matches the love.

For every kind of romance, every sort of love and every type of couple, – here are 10 romantic films guaranteed to make Cupid’s arrow hit the bull’s eye.

For the fairy-tale couple

The Princess Bride (1987)

While the film mocks every classic fairy tale of the early Hollywood era, it manages to, essentially, become one of the best versions of the very genre it is parodying.

A rare combination of romance and adventure, this sweet take on knight-in-shining-armor tales is a witty and romantic joyride.

For the forgetful couple

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Quite possibly one of the best films released this decade, Eternal Sunshine shines through, illuminating the beauty of finding love as well as the despair of losing it.

While proving that some memories are harder to keep than others, the fact remains that no memory is worth not remembering at all.

For the tragically doomed couple

Titanic (1997)

While it has managed to become an easy punch line over the past decade, James Cameron’s oceanic rendition of a more marketable Romeo and Juliet is easily one of the best love stories told on screen.

Sweepingly epic and tragically sad, it is a story worthy of every couple that just wasn’t meant to be.

For the violent couple

True Romance (1993)

A classic romance that only Quentin Tarintino himself could write, True Romance gives us our modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, Clarence and Alabama, who live a life of stealing, drugs and prostitution ? all, of course, with a classic romantic flair.

For the long-distance couple

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Perhaps the best romantic on-screen couple of the past two decades, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan prove that love knows no distance in this wonderfully fun and always reachable romantic comedy that gives hope to long-distance couples across the country.

For the mysterious couple

The English Patient (1996)

A mysterious World War II crash victim is nursed back to health as flashbacks reveal a fateful love affair that affects the lives of several others. As identities find their places in the puzzle, a world of passion and betrayal blends with a love based on the tragic foundation of fate in this heartbreaking romance.

For the classic couple

Casablanca (1942)

You can’t go wrong with this classic tragedy of love and sacrifice set amongst the early days of World War II.

From heroism to self-deprecation, opportunists to isolationists, patriots to disenchanted lovers, Casablanca proves why it still has every reason to be called a "classic."

For the dark and depressed couple

Meet Joe Black (1998)

The only movie brave enough to kill off Brad Pitt in the opening minutes, Meet Joe Black takes an essentially boring premise -rich daddy’s girl struggling between a sound but loveless relationship and a newfound mysterious man -and shakes it up by making the mysterious man Death himself (played by Brad Pitt in an impeccable tuxedo), who has come to collect daddy’s soul.

For the best-friend couple

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

While several close friendships have been broken by the occasional curiosity of further emotions, When Harry Met Sally follows two people through their lives as they search for love and find themselves back together time and time again.

Relationships might be temporary, but friendships can last a life time -that is, unless you can find a way to have both.

For the mismatched couple

Beauty and Beast (1991)

This classic Disney adventure (the first and only animated film ever to garner a Best Picture nomination) proves to the world that love is not without its sweet imperfections.

As the charming attraction of opposites in this beautifully drawn romance grow stronger, so do our feelings for every beast in the world who has managed to find his own beauty.

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