Letter to the editor: Film underscores student organization’s unity

Amina Rivera wrote a wonderful film review of the documentary Prince Among Slaves ("’Prince’ brings African history to community," Life ‘ Arts, Feb. 8) Thank you for the coverage. The Urban Experience Program and our partners worked to bring a unique offering to the campus – one we hoped would educate and inspire. We wish to thank Rivera for her "verdict" and her perceptive, sensitive article. I really enjoyed it.

The spirit of UEB is to encourage, enlighten, empower and embrace. We are inclusive, warm and encouraging to all UH students.With an audience of more than 1,000 and a seventh-generation descendent of Prince Abdul Rahman in attendance, the event exemplified the spirit of our program. There were Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh attendees and a multiplicity of ethnic groups present.

In appreciation of UEP’s efforts, the co-chairs of the event presented to me a $1,000 check for the UEP scholarship fund.

UEP and The Daily Cougar are both in the division of Student Affairs, led by Elwyn Lee, the vice president of Student Affairs – a caring, student-centered administrator devoted to UH and to the best values of inclusion and service. Those of us of good will can work together to build an incredible University culture that appreciates and build bridges to each other, the community, the city, the state, the nation and the world.

Robbie Evans
Director, Urban Experience Program

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