Couch Potato: TV takes a gamble with new spin-offs

In 1993 Dr. Frasier Crane broke off from the Cheers gang to found his own little niche in TV Land, Fraiser, which eventually became one of the most popular spin-offs in television history. In 2004 Joey Tribiani attempted to follow in Crane’s footsteps – picking up the pieces from Friends to reassemble them as Joey – but with laughable results. Now, in 2008, viewers are faced with an even more questionable development.

Fox wants to produce a spin-off of our generation’s favorite program, Family Guy. After cancelling the show twice, it seems odd that Fox would do such a thing, especially when considering the character the spin-off is said to follow: Cleveland.

Fans across the nation are not so much excited as disappointed, saying that this would be a waste of a perfectly good opportunity. Cleveland is far from the character with the most potential, which isn’t to say that he isn’t hilarious in his own way. Just imagine flipping through the channels one day and finding 22 minutes devoted to the wild antics of Quagmire. Or Joe. Or Mayor West. Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Then again, I’m sure in 1993, hardcore Cheers fans would have rather seen Sam and Diane in their own spin-off, as opposed to Fraiser. Or Norm.

Clue meets Colossus

Speaking of spin-offs, for its latest incarnation, the minds behind CSI have decided that the hefty franchise ought to spin off into reality. One can head on over to Southern California where Six Flags Magic Mountain is erecting an attraction based on the program. One part Mystery Theater and one part Looney Tunes, CSI: Live will have taped segments from television cast members alongside live performers with the audience acting as the amateur sleuths.

Despite whether this is an act of genius or one of desperation, the attraction debuts June 14.

Is Paris burning?

SWF seeking new BFF. Out of the joint for less than a year, and with the hysterically dismal turnout for The Hottie and the Nottie still fresh in our minds, Paris Hilton will return to television with the hope of replacing former BFF, Nicole Richie. Since appearing together in TV’s The Simple Life, the pair have had a falling out and Ritchie has gone off with the apparent intention of living a more, say, respectable life.

Remembering her recent sandbagging – being largely cut out her grandfather’s will – it’s questionable whether Hilton will have much success. The concern is tripled when we consider similar exploits by the likes of Flavor Flav, Ms. New York, Bret Michaels and Scott Baio. Though the series is currently without a title, it is said to air on either MTV or VH1. How appropriate.

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