Couch Potato: Our favorite zip code to return

What do you call a person who speaks only one language?

Americans have long been the butt of the old joke, but if the American Broadcasting Company has anything to say about it, this sweeping generalization will soon be well on its way to the underside of that proverbial rug.

Though very much still in the planning stages, with the project currently titled Big in Japan, ABC will look to challenge our sense of geographical complacency by revitalizing our long-lost sense of adventure and the essence of the American spirit. For the new reality game show, globetrotting contestants will compete to see who could best assimilate to a new culture. Exactly which culture we will invade next is still up for debate.

While this proposal sounds novel and perhaps enlightening, it is interesting to note that there are millions of new Americans – for all intents and purposes – already here who are looking to acclimate to a new culture without all the TV glitz and promise of fabulous parting gifts. I guess no one wants to document their struggles.

Outtie back in(nie)

For months now, serious speculation about the now imminent return of Beverly Hills, 90210 has permeated just about every outlet the media have to offer from the reputable People magazine and USA Today to the depths of the most obscure Xanga blogs. But only now are real details about the remake coming to light with any authority.

Since the cancellation of the beloved program in 2000, fans have lived their lives secretly, and sometimes not-so secretly, hoping for this very development. However, some might not necessarily appreciate this particular "re-envisioning" as it doesn’t plan to follow previous storylines or even many of the former characters. At least this time the action of the series will try to exercise a little diversity as far as age. It’s a good thing, too, because Tori Spelling is going to be there and there is no way she could step back into her old role.

The pilot is said to debut in the fall, so you’ll have to hold your horses until then. In the meantime, carouse the Internet if you want to be spoiled.

Springing back into hilarity

While the CW tries to reanimate its pet project just so it can be beat it to death again (90210 is soo last century), Comedy Central and Fox will continue to vie for the attention of the coveted 18-24 demographic with a plethora of programs that are not only brand spankin’ new, but are sure to be serious gold.

The home of American Idol and Family Guy will soon complete its holy trinity with Boldly Going Nowhere from the same guys who pen the deliciously wacky and politically incorrect It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Most of Comedy Central’s planned offerings defy explanation, but seem to include a gay robot, something from Snoop Dogg and loads of fresh sketch comedy.

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