Letter to the editor: Choose Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the best choice among candidates

To the editor,

While I agree that Sen. John McCain is the worst possible candidate for the oh-so-conservative GOP, I can’t help but respond and point out that he is not the only GOP candidate. Indeed, Rep. Ron Paul has not dropped out of the race. Though it seems that he is unlikely to win the GOP given that a majority of the primaries are over, I don’t believe we should undermine the power of the votes of delegates, who can vote either way, and the fact that the national convention has yet to be held.

Paul is the only candidate that has a clear-cut plan for health care (free market), trade (free trade), Iraq (withdraw) and taxes (less taxes and no income tax). In addition, he is the only candidate who even talks about monetary policy and the need to address the problem of the devaluing dollar and loss of purchasing power by the middle class, as well as the problem of dwindling Social Security funds for the current young generation.

Furthermore, he is also the only candidate running who voted clearly against the war in Iraq from the beginning, never flip-flopping on any issue, and he is also the only candidate of the Democrats and Republicans who has zero debt because of his campaign and therefore the only one who has nothing to pay back, in favors or money, once in office.

This candidate is Ron Paul.

Instead of ignoring the only candidate who addresses the issues that are important, we need to take an in-depth look to better understand. The GOP nomination is not secured until all votes are counted from all states, including provisionary ballots. Even if people do not vote for him, perhaps we will at least learn something we didn’t know before about our government.

Kai Wong civil engineering senior

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