Letter to the editor: Late-term abortion a social evil

To the editor:

I would like to applaud Thursday’s excellent staff editorial, (Opinion, "Seal clubbing an immoral act"). Torturous and unnecessarily inhumane exploitation of living beings, whether human or animal, is immoral and as a society we should always strive to rise above such brutal behavior.

This principle is why we should proclaim the clubbing to death of a seal immoral. This principle is why we should protest our school’s involvement with the sweatshop industry. And this principle is why we should also take a stand against another social evil that promises to negatively affect our school – late-term abortion.

By the time students begin arriving back to campus after the summer break this year, Planned Parenthood will put the finishing touches on its six-story flagship ambulatory surgical center, just outside of campus. This clinic stands to make hundreds of thousands of dollars off the procedures in the process. It is an established medical fact that children are capable of surviving outside the womb from as early as 20 weeks gestation. These children are capable of living normal happy lives.

As a campus that prides itself on its defense of the most vulnerable, we must also stand up for those defenseless and viable children who will be killed and mutilated, with their tiny bodies being used for scientific research or thrown in the incinerator, all for the crime of being too little, too hidden and too inconvenient.

Peter Park Bauer College of Business MBA candidate

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