Letter to the editor: Pushing on, despite all odds

To the editor:

I spoke at the Student Government Association meeting a little while ago on behalf of Students Against Sweatshops. I didn’t call anyone stupid, but I†posed a question to SGA Senator Stephen Quezada about whether he had "become less educated" on the issue.

He was on the senate that unanimously passed our bill, and he signed the bill. I was probably abrasive, but when a member of the Student Government Association seems to be conveniently "forgetting" things that benefit the administration’s seeming need to delay this issue instead of representing us students, as he has been appointed and is paid to do, I feel that it is time to be abrasive.

President Khator refuses to meet with us to discuss this issue, even though we requested a meeting with her for the first time on the first week of this semester. I tried to wait quietly and peacefully and meet with her myself,†but the police were called. We tried to work through the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and all that came of it was a letter from. Khator that threatened disciplinary action and offered a bogus task force to make†a policy recommendation in June when nobody is in school.

We tried to work with the administration on this issue, but they have refused to work with us. People are suffering, and our University is partially responsible. We are†going to keep working to try new ways to help this situation.

Brendan Laws

sociology freshman

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