Five Minutes of Fame: Living vicariously through opera

Kelsie Hahn: What kinds of events do you like going to on campus?

Katie Dugat: I do a lot of stuff with The Honors College and the music school since I’m a music major, and I’m in the Honors College. I do some things at the Rec when I have time. I want to go to their Dutch oven cooking thing. That sounds like so much fun.

Hahn: You learn to make peach cobbler.

Ruth Rodriguez: What kind of singing do you like to do?

Dugat: Well, career-wise I’m focusing on opera, but I like almost any kind of music.

Rodriguez: Do you know a lot of languages?

Dugat: I can sing in a lot of languages, but you don’t need to necessarily be fluent in (a language) you just need to be able to pronounce a lot of it.

Rodriguez: Are there times when you don’t know what you’re saying?

Dugat: Yeah. That’s part of it. Though whenever you first get a piece or you have a role in an opera you have to get the pronunciation for it, you have to get the translation for it so you know what you’re singing so that you can impart to the audience what’s going on.

Dugat: Everything has music to it, so everything has an emotion to it.

Rodriguez: What’s your favorite part about the opera?

Dugat: Getting to be someone completely different. In the last one I was in I was 65-year-old communist aunt and my aria was about how much sex I wanted to have.

Rodriguez: Wow.

Dugat: It was awesome.

Rodriguez: Do you have a lot of make up done?

Dugat: For that kind of thing, yeah. They put all this white pale make up on me. They did all these lines and stuff and they put purple eye shadow on me.

Rodriguez: So now you know what you’re going to look like when you’re 65.

Dugat: I know. Hopefully I’ll age better than that.

Hahn: Well, you’re not a communist, so you probably won’t.

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