First ‘Breastival’ to address image, health

The Women’s Resource Center aims to help women deal with the various messages society sends about breasts by screening two documentaries today from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

"Young women are taught to be both proud and ashamed of their breasts," Director of the Women’s Resource Center Beverly McPhail said. "If a woman’s breast is exposed in public while breastfeeding her child, she is often subject to criticism and condemnation."

The first Breastival will feature two documentaries to help women start an open dialogue about their breasts and "become aware of their choices," Women’s Resource Center Assistant Gloria Smith said.

"Breasts: A Documentary" features women of all ages discussing their breasts. The second documentary, "Absolutely Safe", follows a woman who receives breast implants and another who has hers removed.

"America has a love affair with breasts, but the mixed messages can make it difficult for young women to… come to terms with their breasts," McPhail said.

Handouts will be available to help students who are considering having breast implants. Some nudity will be shown. The Women’s Resource Center is located in University Center Satellite, Room 7.

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