Letter to the Editor: Celebration of Israel a success

On April 6, the Jewish community of Houston held a parade honoring Israel’s 60th birthday.

There were over 1,400 participants cheering, celebrating and holding up Israeli and American flags. Marching groups from schools, youth groups, synagogues and organizations came together with floats, cars and signs.

This celebration included singing, dancing and a salute to the ‘Heroes of 1948.’

The participants celebrated the fact that Israel has been flourishing for 60 years despite wars for its survival and geographic challenges.

I was proud to participate in the parade and marched with the Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) and Houston Hillel group. ZBT, a new Jewish fraternity at UH, created a float that resembles the Jewish Temple that once stood in Jerusalem.

I think it is amazing that Israel has stood for this long, given that many countries want to destroy or take over the land. It was amazing to see so many people come together in one area and show their pride for the state of Israel.

Rina Singer

Nutrition freshman

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