Ask the athletes

Terrance Ganaway, football

Heisman hopeful

I was going to get number 7, and the coaches had promised me number 7, but when I got here they had given it to Case (Keenum). I wanted a single digit, but I chose 20 and I stuck with it because when I was in (my senior year) of high school, I broke Heisman trophy-winner Billy Sims’ area record for the most rushing yards in a single game with 417 yards. I also had six touchdowns in that game. He wore number 20 in college, so I figured I’d go ahead with his number.

Case Keenum, football

Lucky number 7

I was number 18 in high school, so I just thought I’d stick with a single digit in college.

When I got here (as a freshman in 2006) all the single-digit numbers were taken, so I was number 12 last year, and I just didn’t like it. I just like number 7. (Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback) John Elway wore number 7.

There’s no particular reason, though. Seven is just kind of a good, single digit number.

And it was the only one we had left.

Zane Jakobsone, women’s basketball

Daddy’s girl

I actually don’t wear the number I wanted to wear because my number was taken. I would like the number 14 because my dad used to play with that number. Actually, I took 14 two years ago because they gave it to me the first time I came to play. My dad was like, "I’m so glad you’re playing with 14; that’s my number!" But for my whole life, for eight years, I played with the number 5 because a lady was reading my palm and she said it was my lucky number. Now I’m grown up though, and I don’t think the number affects you.

Andre Kohn, football

Single-digit star

In high school I had number 10. When I was a freshman, we had a really good (senior) receiver who wore number 10, but he got in a bad accident, so he gave me the number. I think LJ Castille had number 10 when I got here. The only reason I have 6 is because it’s the only single digit I could have my freshman year. Only nine people on the whole team are going to have a single digit number, so they’re kind of special. But 6 is kind of my identity now. I’m going to stick with it through college.

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