Five minutes of fame: Senior uses charm to win over cops, Clive Owen

Mike Damante: If you worked for a beverage company and syringes and needles infested with AIDS accidentally got into the drinks, how would you fix that (public relations) disaster?

Lissette Gomez: I haven’t done any crisis management yet. I’d have the company try to donate money to the AIDS foundation, try to recall everything, give away free stuff to children and set up a foundation.

Damante: If you could date anyone famous who would it be?

Gomez: Clive Owen. That is a sexy, sexy man.

Mauricio Lazo: He was in Children of Men.

Gomez: He is a sexy, sexy man. I’m trying to stay that as much as possible.

Damante: He is British right? Do you like men with accents?

Gomez: Sure. He has a great voice.

Damante: What about British teeth?

Gomez: I haven’t paid much attention to his teeth, but from the movies they don’t look that bad.

Damante: If you were diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and had a month to live, what would you do?

Gomez: Do all the good things I could do to make up for the bad, spend money, give to charities. This is something I’d actually do.

Damante: What were the bad things you did, which you feel you need to repent your sins for?

Gomez: Not being an outstanding citizen. I’m pretty good overall.

Damante: How would you define an "outstanding citizen?"

Gomez: Well, I’ve gotten speeding tickets and passed up red lights, so that is not very outstanding.

Damante: Have you ever mouthed off to a cop?

Gomez: I did kind of a little bit once. I just had an attitide. I’ve flirted with them: "No, no. I’m a broke college student," which is true.

Damante: I’ve tried that line before, and it didn’t work. Probably because I’m a guy.

Gomez: Have you tried to show a little cleavage?

Damante: This isn’t about me. This is about you. Anyway, so now that you are in the paper and now famous, would you like to thank the little people or give any shout outs?

Gomez: You mean you?

Damante: I’m not little.

Gomez: You’re not little. You’re tall.

Damante: Yeah, and I’m the media, kind of.

Gomez: Sure, I’ll remember the little people. I’d like to thank all the little people I stepped on and say, "hey girl hey."

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