Letter to the editor: SGA has updated Web site

To the editor:

I am writing to clarify an issue raised about the Student Government Association’s Web site in the editorial "SGA should keep UH interests in mind at TSA," (Thursday, Opinion).

Since the beginning of this 45th Administration, the SGA Web site has been in process of being redeveloped; the site was launched Wednesday, prior to the editorial, which claims that our Web site does not contain up-to-date information.

The new Web address for our site is The old link,, will soon redirect students to the new Web site.

As is common on many campuses, student governments use the summer to update or even redevelop their Web sites because of the low volume of viewers during the summer, and because new administrations are just taking office.

Therefore, it is incorrect to view the current administration in the light of the previous administration’s inability to update the Web site.

The previous administration did not have a Web developer; therefore, problems existed with updating the Web site.

However, this is a not the case with the new 45th Administration, and we believe we have, for the time, remedied that problem.

Samuel C. Dike

President of the Student Government Association

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