Five minutes of fame: Mohawked senior brings in the dough, cake

Zaneta Loh: How long did it take you to grow (your hair) out?

Morgan Salmon: I’ve had it like this for about two moths now, and I think it took me two and a half months to grow it.

Loh: So what do you have to do to it every day? Do you have to gel it?

Salmon: No it stays up by itself. I just straighten it in the morning.

Loh: With a straightener?

Salmon: Yes.

Mauricio Lazo: Me too.

Loh: What kind of straightener do you have?

Salmon: I don’t know. It cost $11 at Wal-Mart.

Loh: Are you sure that’s good for your hair?

Salmon: I don’t know. It works.

Loh: How long are you going to keep it?

Salmon: Probably about halfway through football season.

Loh: Why halfway?

Salmon: Because I’ll probably be tired of it by then.

Loh: What if we keep winning?

Salmon: Well, if we keep winning I’ll keep it, definitely.

Loh: Have your parents seen your hair?

Salmon: Yeah, my mom saw it. She asked "why?" That’s the first thing she said, was "why?"

Loh: What did you say?

Salmon: I said, "Why not?"

Loh: Does she like it?

Salmon: She says it draws attention to myself. But she’s like "It’s not my head." Girls like it though.

Loh: Do you work anywhere?

Salmon: I work here at school, and I work as a bartender downtown. I used to work at the Toyota Center.

Loh: Doing what?

Salmon: I was a suite attendant, working in the suites with the big ballers.

Loh: At Astros games, in the suites, they pass around a paper and you can check off what kind of ice cream and toppings they want. Did you do that?

Salmon: No. Actually, at the Toyota center they bring around this desert cart… and it’s just full of desserts: velvet cake and carrot cake and cheesecake and all kinds of stuff.

Loh: Are people in the suites snobby?

Salmon: Sometimes you can get people like that, but for the most part everybody’s real cool and real chill. It’s a really good job because you get to see the concerts and games for free. You get paid $10 an hour, plus tips. The biggest tip that somebody ever got that I worked with was $1400 in one night. My biggest tip that I got was $700.

Loh: How about as a bartender?

Salmon: At the job that I work at now, $350.

Loh: That’s better than what we get paid.

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