Surfer-turned-guitarist captures summer feeling with ‘Word of Mouth’

Former professional surfer Timmy Curran has traded in his surfboard for a guitar, resulting in Word Of Mouth.

Picture a long day of surfing in Southern California capped off with an evening bonfire on the beach, complete with friends, marshmallows and an acoustic guitar. Picture that weekend retreat at your friend’s beach house complete with late nights of partying and music jam sessions. The elements of the ocean, the sun and the sand are all parts of the vibe of Word Of Mouth.

The best way to describe the sound of the record is if John Mayer spent more time at the beach and less time at the coffee shop. Curran’s subdued sounds mixed with an honest approach to song writing make the record an easy listen from the start.

Curran explores various avenues in content and style with the Beach Boys-inspired "Blue Eyes" and the love song "Joan."

"Lonely" and "Horses On The Range" are upbeat alt-country songs that may have been written at that aforementioned campfire. Word of Mouth isn’t all fun and games as it also features more serious tracks such as "Comatose," "Moving On" and Curran’s crowning song writing achievement "Save."

"Daylights Coming" is the record’s first track, which captures the feeling of the sun and the light it brings in actuality and in mood. "Selfish Ways" is a song about someone finally finding his or her way and has one of the catchier guitar riffs on the record. Curran, at times, sounds like Death Cab for Cutie, especially on the song "Slow." "Can You Feel It" continues with the surf and sand feel, sonically appearing as if the song was written under water.

Curran released the album briefly as a free download, but now it can also be purchased from Billie Joe Armstrong’s Adeline Records. Curran will merge his Web site with, which will offer free content and exclusive updates for paying members.

In a summer saturated with Lil Wayne hype, Vans Warped Tour bands and Miley Cyrus, Curran is a refreshing alternative. Tell friends about Timmy Curran and hopefully the album will spread by Word Of Mouth.

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