Five minutes of fame: LULAC VP hopes to better Hispanic community

Signe Cluiss: How did you get involved with (League of United Latin American Citizens)?

Raymond Ruiz: I experienced a lot of stuff growing up, so you got to get involved in the community.

Cluiss: What are the goals of LULAC?

Ruiz: To advance the economic opportunities, political advancement, that type of thing, for the Hispanic community.

Cluiss: Are you an officer in the organization?

Ruiz: Yeah, vice president.

Cluiss: How long have you been on campus?

Ruiz: About a year.

Cluiss: What are you doing to increase your visibility on campus?

Ruiz: In the past we haven’t, but we’re going to be tabling at (Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall) every Thursday.

Cluiss: Are you going to be giving out food?

Ruiz: No, we’ll probably be giving out ice cubes. It’s so hot, it’s not even funny.

Cluiss: Does LULAC have a Web site?

Ruiz: We have a MySpace and we’re on Facebook.

Cluiss: Did you experience any water damage to your home or car from the hurricane?

Ruiz: The hurricane?

Cluiss: (laughs) I mean, tropical storm.

Ruiz: Tropical Storm Edouard? No.

Cluiss: What did you think of the spelling of Edouard?

Ruiz: I was confused. Everybody kept saying Eduardo at first, and I was like, I don’t think it’s Eduardo.

Cluiss: It’s like everyone assumed they had some type of dyslexia.

Ruiz: Yeah, and don’t they use ethnic names now? Because before they didn’t, and now they try to use Jose and names like that.

Cluiss: So are you going to run a business (with your major)?

Ruiz: No, I’m going to go to grad school (to study) educational leadership – open up my own school.

Cluiss: Are you going to stay in Houston?

Ruiz: You got to. Probably somewhere in the East end.

Cluiss: Are you from here?

Ruiz: No, I’m from Corpus Christi…. Most people up here know Corpus, because they’re like, ‘Oh Selena.’

Cluiss: Have you been to the Selena memorial?

Ruiz: No, I left right before that happened.

Cluiss: There’s a life-sized Selena. She was pretty hot.

Ruiz: I saw Jennifer Lopez in the movie.

Cluiss: Wait, so who do you think was hotter, Jennifer Lopez in the movie or Selena?

Ruiz: Jennifer Lopez. Uh-oh, now no one is going to come to the meetings.

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