From the Sports editor: Sports unite Cougars on and off campus

I went to Matamoros, Mexico with my church on a mission trip the summer before I started high school. We spent the week laying the concrete foundation for a church building and teaching a children’s Bible class, but my most treasured memory from that trip is a simple one.

Along with other members of the team, I spent one afternoon just playing with kids in the park. Somehow, despite my protests, I was incorporated into a game of soccer. I didn’t speak Spanish and the kids couldn’t speak English, so we communicated solely in gestures, laughter and smiles – but it was all we needed.

Sports transcend all barriers. Sports are driven by the human spirit of striving to be the best. Languages, cultures or even borders don’t hinder sports. Sports connect all of us as part of the human experience.

The student-athletes at the University are just like you and me – they work hard both on and off the field every day, and their stories deserve to be told.

While I can’t play any sport well enough to represent you on a playing field, my staff and I are dedicated to bringing you the best and more complete coverage of UH athletics that we can.

Fall in Texas means just one thing – football. As new head football coach Kevin Sumlin begins his first semester at UH, I am also beginning mine as The Daily Cougar sports editor, and I want your input and participation in the process.

New features like Ask the Athletes will help you get to know the students representing you. Send in questions you’d like to hear our student-athletes answer.

Remember to check out our Web site,, for live blogging from all UH football games so you can keep up with the Cougars even when they’re on the road.

We’ve kept old favorites like Fighting Words and columns from your favorite writers. And, of course, our first priority is bringing coverage of UH football, soccer and volleyball games to you every day.

Send in any suggestions or ideas you may have during the semester about making the Sports section better. After all, if two heads are better than one, imagine what 35,000 can do.

Be part of the action. Go to the games and cheer for your team. Be part of the University you have chosen to call home for the next few years. It’s going to be an exciting semester.

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