FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Band member ready to get back in step

Rodney Leonhardt: So how did you weather Hurricane Ike these past two weeks?

Evan Kelsick: Me and three other guys live in a house over by campus, and I was sort of afraid that a lot of damage would be done here, so I went to my parents house which is in northwest Houston, and over there we had a tree fall down and a fence fall down and there’s a hole in our ceiling, but nothing too bad. The hole is about the size of a football.

Leonhardt: Wow, the tree didn’t fall through the roof, did it?

Kelsick: Well, the tree didn’t go through the house, it just fell backwards. The house that we rented that I’m living in now, there’s like no damage here. We were just without power for a while.

Leonhardt: Do you think officials responded well to this disaster?

Kelsick: The city of Houston did a really good job, but FEMA seemed confused about their responsibilities and I think they sort of dropped the ball, but the city of Houston did a really good job. CenterPoint is working non-stop and all that.

Leonhardt: I trust that you’re a sports fan right?

Kelsick: Yeah.

Leonhardt: What do you think about how they handled the Astros’ and Texans’ games for the hurricane?

Kelsick: Well the Astros’ thing was stupid. There was no reason to play those games in Milwaukee. It was mostly Drayton McLane’s fault because he didn’t want to move from Minute Maid Park and had to make a last-minute decision.

Leonhardt: At least the Texans will still be playing in Houston.

Kelsick: I’m confused, with what they did with the Texans?

Leonhardt: They just moved the game to their bye week.

Kelsick: Oh OK, well that’s fine.

Leonhardt: So you’re in the marching band. Did y’all manage to practice at all?

Kelsick: Band was cancelled all week.

Leonhardt: Does this put y’all behind in learning any halftime routine?

Kelsick: Not really, because we weren’t going to the Air Force game. We were going to until they decided to move it. And this weekend it’s in East Carolina, so we still have plenty of time to prepare.

Leonhardt: So it was a nice little break?

Kelsick: Yeah, pretty much.

Leonhardt: Are students ready to hit the field again?

Kelsick: Yeah. I’d say so. A lot of people are ready to get back out there. It’s a lot of fun.

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