FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Junior haunted by uncalled for Soulja boy rendition

Shayla LaMotte: So is this your third year at UH, or did you transfer?

Isaiah Denning: No, this will be my fourth year. I’m here for an extra year because I didn’t take a lot of classes my first year. I got all my core classes out, decided my major and my electives are taking forever.

LaMotte: So how are your classes going so far?

Denning: Umm, they’re going pretty good. Can’t complain.

LaMotte: How many hours are you taking?

Denning: This semester I’m taking 12.

LaMotte: Oh OK, that’s not so bad. So do you work also?

Denning: No, not anymore.

LaMotte: No? Where were you working?

Denning: Club Divas.

LaMotte: Like a nightclub?

Denning: Yeah a 25-and-up club, a dance club. I saw a 50-year-old lady doing the Soulja boy.

LaMotte: Oh no, (laughs) she was wrong for that.

Denning: (laughs) Yeah.

LaMotte: But wait, how old are you?

Denning: I’m 20

LaMotte: You’re 20? And you can work in a 25-and-up club?

Denning: Yeah, because my father owns it. He needed someone to do the barback.

LaMotte: Barback?

Denning: Yeah they wash the glasses in the back. It paid pretty good money though.

LaMotte: Did you watch the presidential debate on Friday?

Denning: No, I didn’t get to. Matter of fact I just got my power on Saturday.

LaMotte: Really? What area of town do you live in?

Denning: Spring

LaMotte: Well, are you into politics though?

Denning: Not very much. This will be my first time voting because I wasn’t able to vote last (presidential election) but I’ve been registered for months now.

LaMotte: Well at least you’re registered. Are you excited about this election?

Denning: It was interesting with Hillary Clinton and then they

announced Barack Obama, and I was like, ‘Well I’ll be…" Then I was like. "OK, I’ll listen to what they both (Obama and McCain) have to say."

LaMotte: So you know who you’re going to vote for?

Denning: I’m thinking I have a good idea.

LaMotte: So are you going to watch the next debate?

Denning: Yeah, I plan to watch it and see where they stand, since I’m voting.

LaMotte: Yep, it’s important.

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