FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Professors, activities make UH fun for freshman

Crystal Simmons: What do you plan to do once you graduate?

Candis Price: Well, I want to double major in journalism, so I’ll probably start doing internships my junior or senior year, and, hopefully, one of those internships will lead me into a job in journalism after graduation.

Simmons: Have you ever done anything journalism related, like in high school?

Price: No, I didn’t do the yearbook or anything like that. Oh, I wrote at my church. I’ve done different pageants. I don’t know if that counts, but it was public speaking. So, I’m not really a journalist per se, but I have encountered public speaking and I’ve acted in front of people.

Simmons: So, you’ve been in plays?

Price: Yes. I’ve done a number of them, some of them class plays. I did do a competition play last year, The Crucible. We advanced to the state/area level of the competition in Clear Creek.

Simmons: What other hobbies do you have?

Price: I love theater. I’m in The Honors College, and we do a lot of reading, so we can count that as a hobby. Right now I spend a lot of my time in the (Campus Recreation and Wellness Center). I like all the activities that UH has to offer. There’s the rock climbing, the regular machines and then there’s Outdoor Adventure, which I really want to get involved in. Me and a couple friends are looking into doing kickboxing.

Simmons: So how are you doing in your classes?

Price: I’m doing pretty well, liking all the extra help that you get with The Honors College. All of my professors are really helpful. Even in my huge chemistry class, which is like 531 students, the professor is very approachable. He really knows how to gear to non-chemistry majors. He’s a very kind man. The only thing I kind of struggle in is math. I’m figuring out CASA and going to the tutoring center. Overall, I love my classes and my professors.

Simmons: Who do you have for chemistry?

Price: Professor (Simon) Bott. He’s amazing, and I learned so much about UH from his class.

Simmons: Did you go to any games for his class?

Price: I went to the first game. I was very excited, very enthused. We killed Southern. He’s really gotten me motivated about being a Cougar.

Simmons: Great. So do you live on campus?

Price: Yes I do.

Simmons: How’s it been?

Price: It’s a great experience. I got to meet a lot of new people. It makes being a UH student that much more fun and entertaining.

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