Report shows rise in campus crime

The 2007 Clery Report, which was released by the University on Oct. 1, shows increases in crimes committed on campus in categories including sex offenses, burglaries and robberies.

UH Police Chief Malcolm Davis said the increase in crime serves as an indicator of more cooperation among the campus community and the UH Department of Public Safety.

"A lot of it is what are people willing to report," Davis said. "They’ll report more to you because they trust you to do something about it. When you’re doing a good job, you have a connectivity with the community."

The most drastic crime increases were in the categories of forcible sex offenses, which rose by 66.6 percent, burglaries, which increased by 48.1 percent and arrests for drug-related violations, which increased by 180 percent.

The number of disciplinary referrals given for liquor law violations climbed to seven in 2007 from two in 2006, while drug-related violations rose to 37 from 10.

Davis attributes the rise in drug and alcohol-related arrests and referrals in part to increased cooperation with the campus community and the police department.

"I’d worry just as much if the numbers were declining" said Davis, who does not believe there are necessarily more drugs on campus. "Increased numbers could be due to more people reporting what they see or more people inviting the problem into their dorm via off-campus acquaintances."

Change in Texas law can also be a reason for the higher number of alcohol-related arrests, because more liability is placed on the University.

"There’s an element of liability now to where we have to turn (an intoxicated person) over to a responsible adult. It’s not going to be a roommate or frat brother," Davis said. If we can’t find someone who is mature enough to make sure they are OK we have to take them in."

Davis said the UH Department of Public Safety is not staffed to hold those in violation of public intoxication.

Only two cases of aggravated assault were reported in 2007, a 50 percent decease. The category of motor vehicle thefts also sustained a dramatic decrease with 17 cases compared to the 27 in 2006.

Davis said car thefts have decreased because of cameras and visibility of signs advertising their presence. The University has 470 cameras in place to provide surveillance of the campus.

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy along with the Campus Crime Statistics Act require that the Clery Report be published annually.

The UH Department of Public Safety is subject to a fine of $27,500 for each crime it fails to report for Clery.

A copy of the UH Clery Report is available at the UH Department of Public Safety located at 3869 Wheeler Ave., Entrance 12, or online at

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