FAME MINUTES OF FAME: Senior thinks back to land down under

Rodney Leonhardt: I like your jersey. Greg Tao: I got it my freshman year. Leonhardt: What do you think about this year’s jerseys? You like those more or less? Tao: I like them less. They look really plain. Leonhardt: I think they look clean. What do you think of this year’s football team? Tao: I think they just needed to warm up to (head football coach Kevin) Sumlin’s system. I think them beating ECU is a good step. Leonhardt: You think they got a shot at a bowl game this year? Tao: I think they got a shot at a bowl game. And the conference championship.

Leonhardt: Is that a UH class ring? Tao: This is my class ring. Leonhardt: I have one too. When did you get yours? Tao: I got mine last semester. Leonhardt: Did you go to the ceremony, or did you just pick it up? Tao: Nah, I just bought it. I was thinking gold prices are going up anyway, so I might as well get it, right? Leonhardt: I actually went to the ceremony. Tao: Was it boring? Leonhardt: I’ve been to an UH ring ceremony and an A’M ceremony, and UH’s is actually more sentimental than A’M’s is.

Leonhardt: Who are your picks for the World Series? Tao: At the beginning I thought it was gonna be the Rays and the Cubs, but I don’t now. I thought they had a shot. Leonhardt: Well, the Cubs don’t play past October. Tao: Did you hear about Brandon Backe? I heard he got arrested. Leonhardt: He got in a fight. Did you see Kimbo Slice? Tao: I skipped studying just to watch that fight, and it was over in 14 seconds. That was a weak fight. Leonhardt: How about Shamrock not even showing up? Tao: Well, I can’t blame him. He’s like, 40. Leonhardt: Yeah but a lot of people were looking toward that fight.

Leonhardt: You’re from Australia? Tao: Yes, Sydney Australia. Keith Cordero Jr.: Do you have a pet rattlesnake? Tao: I do not have a pet rattlesnake. Wilson Chang: Have you ever had a pet rattlesnake? Tao: I have never.

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