FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Small-town senior enjoys life in Houston

Shai Mohammed: Where are you from?

Megan McPherson: I’m from Daytona Beach, Fla.

Mohammed: What do you like about Daytona Beach?

McPherson: I love the fact that the beach is right there. The atmosphere is very laid back and easy going, very friendly. It’s just kind of a slow type of life.

Mohammed: What do you like about Houston?

McPherson: I love the fact that there are so many venues for live music. I would have to travel to Orlando, which is like an hour away from Daytona, just to go a concert, and here I can just drive down the street to see my favorite bands and hang out. It’s awesome.

Mohammed: So tell me about your longest road trip.

McPherson: My longest road trip ever was from Daytona Beach, Fla. to Asbury Park, N.J. My friends and I took a senior trip to the Bamboozle Music Festival. It was a three-day event and it was kind of like an end-of-the-year thing. It was long. It was like 18 hours.

Mohammed: Wow. Did you switch off drivers?

McPherson: Yes we did, and we drove straight through and it was absolutely horrendous. And then the night it ended we didn’t even sleep, we just left the concert and drove all the way home.

Mohammed: So are you going to grad school?

McPherson: No, I am done with school. I am not a school person. I’m trying to get out as fast as I can. I’m counting down the days (laughs).

Mohammed: How many more days do you have?

McPherson: OK, I really don’t know the days (laughs), I guess like seven months. I was exaggerating a little bit.

Mohammed: How do you feel about parking on campus?

McPherson: I think it stinks. I’m a tour guide on campus and my advisor probably wouldn’t want me to say my opinion about it. But it’s bad, and I fight for parking every day. It gets worse every day, especially when there are career fairs going on, everyone comes.

Mohammed: If you had to talk to an incoming freshman, what would you tell them?

McPherson: I would tell them to completely enjoy their college experience. I would tell them to live on campus because I had to and it was a lot of fun, and to just get involved on campus. Take advantage of college life.

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