Love ‘ Life’ hits home

After four years, an infamous sex scandal and a highly publicized divorce from actress Halle Berry, Eric Ben’eacute;t released his fourth album, Love ‘ Life. He kicked off a national tour with r’b singer Dwele on the heels of his album release a month earlier and will perform at the Arena Theater on Thursday night.

Ben’eacute;t’s hits include the Grammy-nominated single "Spend My Life With You" featuring Tamia, and his breakthrough duet with Faith Evans, "Georgy Porgy." His previous albums, True to Myself, A Day in the Life and Hurricane had moderate success that helped Ben’eacute;t establish a loyal fan base. Love ‘ Life will not disappoint.

The album celebrates facets of love and desire. Ben’eacute;t sings about self-love, romantic love and casual encounters. "Love, Patience and Time" is an uplifting song about healing and triumph. Ben’eacute;t’s subtle approach to the realities of war and abandonment make a loud statement.

In contrast, the risqu’eacute; themes throughout are aimed at mature audiences. Sexually charged lyrics meld with the ease of Ben’eacute;t’s voice. Hints of gospel, jazz and classic r’b are infused with sexual innuendos common to popular music.

Ben’eacute;t’s musical sensibilities are evident. The singer/songwriter assumed full creative control and helped produce 11 of the 12 tracks on the album. He collaborated with longtime partners Demonte Posey and George Nash, Jr. to produce a distinctive album that reflects his musical influences.

Ben’eacute;t went home to Milwaukee, Wis. to work on Love ‘ Life, where he drew inspiration from his 16-yr-old daughter, India. Ben’eacute;t raised India since her mother died in a car accident 15 months after she was born. "One More Tomorrow" is a tribute to her and the positive impact she’s had on his life.

Love ‘ Life has an effortless optimism that proves love, patience and time can heal all wounds. Ben’eacute;t sings "Still I Believe" with sincerity and promise. He has had his fair share of heartache, but a chance at love still exists.

Ben’eacute;t is a seasoned musician whose sultry sound translates into good music. Love ‘ Life is definitely good music – his finest yet. It’s a rich album with a positive message fans will appreciate.

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