FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Accounting a means to an end for sophomore entrepreneur

Ruth Rodriguez: What are you studying?

George Pineda: I have an accounting test. I have a test next week.

Rodriguez: So, you’re from UH-Downtown, right?

Pineda: Yes. This is the most convenient place for me to study.

Rodriguez: How did you get into accounting?

Pineda: Well, it’s not my life passion, but I feel it’s a profession I can excel in. It can help me achieve my goals.

Rodriguez: Is that a lunch kit?

Pineda: Yeah.

Rodriguez: It’s huge.

Pineda: Yeah. (laughs) Everybody makes fun of me.

Rodriguez: Can I see what you have in it?

Pineda: Yeah.

Rodriguez: Where did you buy this? At a camping store or something?

Pineda: No, at Walmart. Because I’m never at home, I carry my food with me. I have my low-fat snacks.

Rodriguez: You have a few compartments.

Pineda: Yes. I have the dry foods compartment and the frozen food section.

Rodriguez: So why did you say you were getting into accounting?

Pineda: Well, for me, I have different goals and to get to where I want to be I…

Rodriguez: Where is that?

Pineda: Being able to not have to work because I’ll have businesses set up where people are working and I won’t have to work.

Rodriguez: So your goal is not to work?

Pineda: Yes.

Rodriguez: How are you going to arrange that?

Pineda: Well, I have business ideas.

Rodriguez: Like what?

Pineda: Well in the past I worked for sexually oriented businesses and there’s a lot of money in it. No matter how bad the economy is, it’s something that is never going to be out of business. The people that work there get paid well, especially the businesses owners. You know from working there I saw the kind of money that was going into it. It’s crazy.

Rodriguez: So that’s where you envision yourself?

Pineda: Yes. It’s scary.

Rodriguez: Why?

Pineda: A lot of people who have done really well in that industry are corrupt in a way. I wouldn’t want to go that way. I just want to be fair. In that field since it is dirty money it’s scary, but if you know how to organize yourself and follow all the laws, depending on which state you’re in, you’ll be all right.

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