FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Finance senior loves dancing, calculator

Alia Mohamed: Do you go to school every day?

Kendall Phillips: No, I only go to school on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Mohamed: What do you do on days you don’t go to school?

Phillips: I go to work.

Mohamed: Where do you work?

Phillips: This place called Raintree International. They sell timeshares. I work in the accounting department. I don’t really do much though. I just sit on the Internet all day.

Mohamed: What do you do on the Internet?

Phillips: I read, like, Gawker, Videogum and Best Week Ever. The rest of the time I check music blogs, and stalk people on Tumblr.

Mohamed: What music blogs do you go to?

Phillips: Mostly dance music blogs.

Mohamed: Do you have a blog of your own?

Phillips: Yeah, I have my own blog. I’m not a big self-promoter – it’s

Mohamed: Do you get a lot of hits on it?

Phillips: I don’t really want to disclose that information, but I get a steady number of hits.

Mohamed: So you like dance music, do you like dancing?

Phillips: Yeah, I like dancing.

Mohamed: On the weekends?

Phillips: Yeah, on the weekends.

Mohamed: Where do you go to dance on the weekends?

Phillips: I like to go to Boondocks once or twice a month.

Mohamed: Why once or twice a month?

Phillips: Because I get tired of seeing the same people all of the time.

Mohamed: Are you going to see any movies this weekend?

Phillips: Yeah, I’m going to go see this movie "W." It looks pretty funny.

Mohamed: How do you feel about this movie being the first to come out about a president while he is still in office?

Phillips: It had to happen sooner or later.

Mohamed: What are you going to do after you graduate?

Phillips: I think I’m going to move and I guess get a job in the financial world doing financial things, using my financial calculator. All you need is a financial calculator. That financial calculator is your No. 1 tool to millions in the financial world. That’s what my financial book told me. I believe it.

Mohamed: Are you being sarcastic?

Phillips: No.

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