Five Minutes of Fame: Media freshman focuses on issues in election year

Kelly Scott: What is your major?

Joshua Pinson: My major right now is media production, but I’m switching to graphic communication. I have dual credit hours, so I’ll be a junior before I’m a junior.

Scott: You’re switching to graphic communication?

Pinson: I thought media production was like graphic design, but apparently it’s not.

Scott: What is it that you like about graphic communication?

Pinson: Um, I’m good with digital art and I enjoy it.

Scott: What kind of job can you get or want with that degree?

Pinson: Senior graphic designer, junior graphic designer, digital art, web site design. I want to make movie posters.

Scott: Have you joined any organizations since you’ve been at UH?

Pinson: No.

Scott: Are there any that you may want to join?

Pinson: I haven’t really looked into it all that much, but I should because I need things to do.

Scott: Are you from Houston?

Pinson: No, I’m from Brazoria. It’s about an hour drive from here.

Scott: Do you plan on staying in Houston when you graduate?

Pinson: I plan on staying in the greater Houston area.

Scott: What is it about Houston that you like, to want to stay?

Pinson: I don’t know. I’m just from around here, so it’s home, I guess.

Scott: Do you plan on voting?

Pinson: This year?

Scott: Yes.

Pinson: I’m not entirely sure yet. Like, I know I’m registered to vote, I think, but I’m not that well versed in everything and all the issues. And my political science teacher said don’t vote if you’re not well versed.

Scott: Well what are the issues that are most important to you or that you are on the fence about?

Pinson: I’m not really sure. I know welfare is a big issue right now. And just, like,†the whole socialism scare and everything.

Scott: Do you think you would become a good president?

Pinson: (laughing) No.

Scott: Why not?

Pinson: I don’t know that I could lead a country. I mean, I don’t know. It would be really stressful. Just making all the decisions.

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