FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Small-town senior finds place in rhythm of life

Shaista Mohammed: So why UH?

Eboni Haynes: Um it was far away but close enough, from home.

Mohammed: And where is home?

Haynes: Kountze, Texas

Mohammed: So did you spend time in Kountze, or did you escape elsewhere when you were living there?

Haynes: No, I lived in Kountze. I spent time in Kountze.

Mohammed: So, what is there to do?

Haynes: Nothing, just go to school, play sports.

Mohammed: What sports did you enjoy?

Haynes: Basketball?

Mohammed: I love to watch it, but I can’t play it.

Haynes: Me either, but it’s my favorite sport

Mohammed: So what do you do for fun apart from basketball?

Haynes: I sleep for fun, hang out with my friends. That’s about it. School takes over my life.

Mohammed: So what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?

Haynes: I tend to stay away from weird things. I guess I danced on stage at a restaurant.

Mohammed: Which restaurant was it?

Haynes: At Mi Luna’s. That’s weird for me.

Mohammed: Do you like tapas?

Haynes: I didn’t eat, I just danced.

Mohammed: So why were you dancing on a stage in Mi Luna?

Haynes: There’s a live band that comes to play salsa music there sometimes, so there’s a stage.

Mohammed: So you dance salsa?

Haynes: I try to dance salsa.

Mohammed: Do you ever go tango dancing?

Haynes: No, I have no rhythm.

Mohammed: Good to know.

Haynes: Um, when I can, I like to read.

Mohammed: What’s your favorite genre?

Haynes: I don’t have a favorite genre, but I read anything by African-American authors. I like the cultural perspective.

Mohammed: Who’s your favorite author?

Haynes: It’s either Toni Morrison or Alice Walker.

Mohammed: I like Toni Morrison. So what’s your favorite kind of food?

Haynes: Soul food.

Mohammed: Where’s your favorite restaurant for soul food in Houston?

Haynes: I don’t go to soul food restaurants in Houston, because it’s better when my mom cooks it.

Mohammed: I have the same feeling about Indian food restaurants. What’s your favorite restaurant?

Haynes: Fu-Fu Caf’eacute;!

Mohammed: Oh! Have you tried the soup dumplings?

Haynes: No, but I love the, I’m going to mess up the name, chong yo bing. It’s pancakes with little green onions.

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