Historic Clash show on DVD

On Oct. 13, 1982 The Clash played a career-defining performance in front of more than 50,000 people at New York’s Shea Stadium. All 15-songs from the live performance are now available via The Clash: Live At Shea Stadium.

The Clash was opening for one of the biggest rock bands of the generation, The Who, and both bands were on top of its game and the music world. Shea Stadium was usually home to the New York Mets, but on this October night it was christened "The Casbah Club" by Joe Strummer. The Clash had usually played larger venues in the states, easily selling out 2,500 to 5,000 capacity venues but nothing as large as a sports stadium. This was The Clash at its creative peak and at its sharpest sonically live.

The familiar bass line of "London Calling" played perfectly by Paul Simonon, opened The Clash’s historic performance. They wasted no time transitioning into "Police on my Back" and the dub-heavy "The Guns of Brixton." All the staple songs are represented with "Tommy Gun," "The Magnificent Seven," "Train in Vain" and the hits "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" and "Rock The Casbah."

During the set, The Clash played "Career Opportunities," a song which stood out the most of all The Clash songs that night. "Career Opportunities," was a catchy song rebelling against the mundane lifestyle of the workforce and waiting for that "opportunity, the one that never knocks." "Spanish Bombs" and "Clampdown" followed and are prime example of the genre The Clash helped refine and redefine at the same time.

After the show, The Clash invited fans backstage to meet them, despite the strict security of the stadium. Celebrity fans David Bowie and Andy Warhol were also awaiting the chance to meet the United Kingdom’s top export. Unfortunately, The Clash called it quits shortly after this performance. The iconic Joe Strummer passed away in 2002, making a full "Clash reunion" out of the cards. Most will never experience The Clash live, but with The Clash: Live At Shea Stadium, a new generation of fans can experience the magic.

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