AT ISSUE: Sen. Barack Obama is president-elect following a historic 21-month campaign. What lies in store for Obama and the American people in coming years?.

Now that the election is over, the real work begins


Well, now that we are done with the politics, now it is time to actually work on implementing policy. The last few months of President George Bush’s administration are useless, with the exception of presidential pardons.

As President-elect†Barack Obama said, he may not even get to bring about all the change he wants in a four-year term. Now that we have all banded together, we need to make sure we hold him accountable.

Yes, he is an inspiring and transformational†person, yet we need to make sure to remember he represents us. I am looking forward to the next four to eight years of the Obama presidency and redistribution of wealth needed to counter harm done by Bush’s policies.

We must realize that without us, president-elect Obama wouldn’t have made it. By the same token, we also need to make sure he gets everything done that we, the people of this great nation, need to function militarily and economically.

I look forward to seeing Congressman Rahm Emmanuel take charge as Chief of Staff†and hope that the choices for Secretary of Treasury and Secretary of State are well thought out and executed. Like they say, the only easy day was yesterday. Now is the time for the truly difficult decisions to begin-from today to inauguration on January 20th, and until the last day of Obama’s administration.

Delano, a political science and history senior, can be reached via [email protected]

Obama’s victory brings attitude change


It’s 10 p.m. Tuesday, and all across America and many parts of the world people huddle around monitors, televisions and radios, listening to the Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential election gracefully report his concession. At 11 p.m., comes the equally graceful and stalwart acceptance by the new president-elect. The idea of "now what?" is simple – change.†

Not just a change in administration, but more importantly, a change in the spirits of Americans.† A renewal of possibilities inherent in the American dream: the ability to impact generations beyond our own is still possible for our children and for all of us.†

We will see nothing new in policy or legislative ideology for at least three months, but the spirit is different. We are a mix of colors, nationalities and backgrounds and with different sounds and syllables in our names. Our gallery of leadership is finally beginning to display some elements of American diversity and not just its divisiveness.

Equality is more than stepping out of the way of the disenfranchised. It is truly leveling the playing field and having the courage to compete honestly with fellow countrymen and women. We have a long way to go, but the good news is we have an acknowledgement that our hard work – despite all previous commentary on one side or other – has just begun.†

Mohammed, an anthropology freshman, can be reached via [email protected]

Even with "change" on the way, Washington won’t


Sen. Barack Obama passes a new "New Deal" crowding out private investment and inhibiting private enterprise to recover from the recession.

Obama directs the Federal Reserve to pay off the debt with new money. Inflation collapses the dollar, and Obama goes on a nationalization spree. The U.S. economy drags the world into depression.

Obama uses withdrawn troops from Iraq to launch large military operations into Pakistan. Riots break out in Islamabad, threatening government control. Fearing extremist control of nuclear weapons, New Delhi launches strikes against Pakistani nuclear facilities. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are launched five minutes after New Delhi’s and South Asia moves toward war.

An alienated Jerusalem launches preemptive attacks against Iran. Iran retaliates through extremist proxies. Egypt and Syria do not sit idly by. Russia comes to the aid of Iran.

Obama rolls back free trade, causing the world to break up in protectionist trade blocs. This collapses the World Trade Organization, plunging the world into a deeper depression. This reinforces nationalistic xenophobia moving the world closer to World War III. Without the WTO, trade disputes are resolved with bombs.

There are no 2012 elections, as the remaining humans are too busy working to rebuild civilization. In the event none of this happens, it will be lobbyists, scandals and politics as usual.

Gilson, a business junior, can be reached via [email protected]

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