FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Junior likes cute babies, Chuy’s

Zaneta Loh: What’d you do (on Sunday)?

Walter Turner: I went to church. I worked at the rock wall and went to Chuy’s for dinner.

Loh: Where do you go to church?

Turner: Grace Community Church off 45 South.

Loh: What do you like about it?

Turner: I really like pastor Steve Riggel. I really like that he’s grounded in the word of God and that he is a man of God. The worship there is great as well. It’s very inviting.

Loh: So is church a big deal to you?

Turner: Yes it is a big deal. I believe there’s a difference between going to church as a religion and going to church to meet God intimately.

Loh: You work at the rock wall on campus? What do you do there?

Turner: Supervise and make sure people don’t hurt themselves.

Loh: Are you good at rock climbing yourself?

Turner: I’m average.

Loh: What did you eat at Chuy’s?

Turner: A big-as-your-face burrito. You’ve been to Chuy’s, right?

Loh: Yeah. I like their jalapeno dip.

Turner: Creamy jalapeno, which is just mayonnaise and jalapenos?

Loh: Uh huh. Is Mexican your favorite kind of food?

Turner: Yes it is.

Loh: Where else do you like to go to get Mexican food?

Turner: Mexico.

Loh: Have you ever been to Mexico?

Turner: Yes I have. I’ve served twice on mission trips there and also in Lima, Peru.

Loh: Did you go to the football game?

Turner: Yes, I did.

Loh: Did you ever play football?

Turner: Yes. But my brother had more of the talent.

Loh: Who’s your brother?

Turner: His name is Scott Turner. He played pro football for nine years.

Loh: Did you play in high school?

Turner: Yeah, I played benchwarmer.

Loh: What’s your favorite memory from high school football?

Turner: I remember one time I got laid out.

Turner: (Answers cell phone.) Hey Angie, how are you doing? Wait I got to go. Wanna see the cutest baby in the world?

Loh: Yep.

Turner: Shows picture on cell phone.

Loh: Is that your son?

Turner: No, my son will look way better than that.

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