POINT/COUNTERPOINT: Post-election Palin

Palin needs more grounds work before she’ll be qualified for national office

Abdul Khan

Fantastic! Gov. Sarah Palin may run for president in 2012. This is great news. She is a fantastic candidate. She is funny, charming, charismatic and hot. Women have been voting for the cutest candidate for years; now, men get to as well. 2012 gives her time to groom some. Maybe she could even hire Karl Rove to coach her campaign. The best part about it being four years away, though, is that it gives her time to go to college and learn a little bit about political science. Maybe this time it will stick.

Now the Bush Doctrine is kind of an obscure thing. It is only the doctrine that went against all international law since the Caroline Doctrine. It is only the validation for fighting in Iraq. It is not too important for an executive to know. I mean it isn’t like Palin needs to understand international law or military doctrine to run America, especially as the president, because she can see Russia.

It doesn’t matter one of the Republicans’ big platforms is cutting earmarks. After all, she only asked for a few million dollars to research harbor seals and another few million to study the mating habits of crabs. It doesn’t matter because she is not being a hypocrite. She does want to get rid of all earmarks that don’t help her constituency. I’m sure she has a full grasp of what an earmark is. After all, she only asked for $453 million in "not-earmarks."

I really respect the fact that she is so up on current events. When asked what journals and magazines she reads, I’m sure she had thousands of titles running through her head. It is no wonder she short-circuited and couldn’t name a single magazine, journal or newspaper she reads regularly. The super-smart have a tendency to get scatterbrained from time to time. Despite the fact that Alaska is so far from the rest of America, she still manages to read. Impressive!

Her stance on Roe v. Wade is the most bipartisan thing I have ever heard. She accepts that the Constitution has an inherent right to privacy, and thinks it should be a state issue. It is so nice to see her stand so strong on both sides of the Supreme Court argument. Fact that she can’t name another single case means her single-minded focus will both overturn Roe v. Wade and guarantee privacy. It is nice to see a Republican step so far away from strict constructionism to try being more liberal with the Constitution. The greatest thing is that she is pro-life. She said life begins at conception. That is a firm stance; however, she still supports the "morning after pill."

She will make the perfect Republican candidate in 2012. Her vast knowledge of pageants and fine clothing will make her a sure win. Her stances are not confused; they are bi-partisan. She will work with Washington D.C. from Alaska no matter how far away it is, through lobbyists, or until Alaska manages to secede, and she can be the president there.

The fact that all the intelligent Republicans in America are stepping away from their party is not a big deal. Colin Powell must hate America as much as Chris Buckley. The fact Wall Street finally switched its campaign donations to support Democrats doesn’t mean that maybe the boys in blue have a better plan – no! It means Democrats are socialists loved by capitalists.

All the good swing states went blue, and even here in Houston – or should we call it Republiopolis – most judges are now blue. But I am sure there are a couple people out there who would vote for her in 2012, or any other Republican.

Khan, a political science and history junior, can be reached via [email protected]

Witch hunt against Palin indicative of her strengths as a natural leader

Melissa Grosse

I hate to disappoint, but I am not a Republican; I’m a conservative. Let me start by saying the other article is condescending and uncouth, derisive to a governor and her supporters, as well as divisive.

This is nothing new when it comes to Gov. Sarah Palin’s media coverage. More was demanded of her than President-elect Barack Obama, such as the release of her medical records while his would remain undisclosed, and she got more negative coverage than any other candidate.

I see it hasn’t stopped yet. Why is she getting such an onslaught of negative press? I submit that it is because she baffles the media. She’s self-made and successful, a foreigner to traditional Washington politics, plainspoken and despite it all, has a highly devoted and energized base among the people. The left can’t stand it.

And now to address the sarcastic and almost word-for-word quip from the left’s mouth. One of the most frequently used-by-the-left "clever observations" about Palin is that she "can see Russia from her backyard," and this is the foundation of her foreign policy. I searched extensively for where she may have even remotely hinted this in an interview or press release, and I’ll be darned if I could find it. It would seem that they made it up, which wouldn’t be the first time a false allegation made major news, such as that her last child was really her grandchild, which is the real reason the Democratic National Committee and media demanded the release of her medical records.

It’s truly odd to me that there was such a huge focus on a fake quote, and yet there was almost no attempt to find out exactly just what was Obama’s foreign policy experience from only two years as a junior senator from Illinois, or as a community organizer, which he apparently didn’t do a very good job at – the only block the U.S. Postal Service refuses to visit is in a Chicago suburb.

I love how people criticize the fact that she attended more than one school and flaunt it as a major display of stupidity. It’s shocking to me, especially considering how many students here at UH use the school as a stepping-stone on their path to other schools. Perhaps the objective was to draw attention away from the fact that we know next to nothing about Obama’s college years, and his alma maters refuse to release any information, including something as trivial as his dissertation title.

The previous article makes a big deal of her not being able to spout out names of periodicals that she religiously reads, painting her as ignorant. Perhaps she doesn’t care to read liberal tripe. Or maybe with five children and a state to monitor she doesn’t have time to waste. Since when did reading Time or The New York Times qualify anyone for anything besides indoctrination?

I am never surprised by the hypocrisy of the media. Palin is torn apart for her beliefs when it comes to Roe v. Wade, but Obama’s "litmus test" when it comes to choosing Supreme Court justices, based off if they can empathize with single black mothers, is given a free pass. And her wardrobe being a point of contention was a joke – an admission of not having anything of substance to investigate, like radical associations or a shady past.

It’s true that a lot of judges in Houston are now Democrats. There is a simple explanation – straight-ticket voting includes all positions. Those who voted for Obama using straight-ticket voting also voted for judges, congressmen, senators and anyone else running who had a "D" after their name, unless they went back and made changes. It’s not the result of outrage at years of oppression by Republican judges.

All I ask of the readers of this column is that they use their God-given intellect and the resources available to investigate allegations and rumors by both sides. Use your own judgment.

Grosse, a communication junior, can be reached via [email protected]

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