Senior a fan of the skyline

Shai Mohammed: What is the most interesting thing about Houston for you?

Adam Brinkman: I would have to say the skyline.

Mohammed: Are you from Houston?

Brinkman: I grew up about 20 minutes south, in Friendswood, but I’ve been around the city most of my life.

Mohammed: What do you like about the skyline?

Brinkman: Well, I work outside Downtown and on my way back into town in the evenings – it’s one of the most gorgeous skylines I’ve ever seen. I’ll be driving into town on 288, and you can see some buildings have lights, and from that angle you also catch the Medical Center and it makes Houston look like the hugest city ever.

Mohammed: It really does, doesn’t it? I mean, even San Antonio and Dallas don’t have that many huge, tall, buildings. Do you have any specific buildings that are your favorite?

Brinkman: Off the top of my head, not really.

Mohammed: One of my favorites is at 1500 Louisiana, it has the big stair steps.

Brinkman: Oh, yeah.

Mohammed: What do you like to do here, apart from UH?

Brinkman: I’m in a fraternity so I spend a lot of time with my fraternity brothers just hanging out and having a good time. In my free time I definitely love video games. I probably spend more hours doing that than I should.

Mohammed: What do you play?

Brinkman: Kind of a mix of everything. There’s no one specific game.

Mohammed: What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Brinkman: I’ll be student teaching in the spring, and then after that I want to – I’m a music education major, so I want to start teaching middle school band, and kind of work my way up from there. Hopefully one day teach a high school band. I’m not sure yet about grad school, but I might do it.

Mohammed: Why music education?

Brinkman: I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I actually kind of questioned whether or not I wanted to do music in high school. I actually thought about history for a while because I love history. It’s just one really long story with so many different viewpoints, and I think it would be really interesting to learn those viewpoints. But I participated in music and in band in high school and, I don’t know, it just kind of seemed like the right decision.

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