Cardinals’ defense a cause for concern

I think the appropriate question is, can Arizona pull off an upset as the underdog?’ We all remember last year’s Super Bowl, when everyone knew who would win. But who actually won?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the No. 1 defense in the league. Defense wins games. The fact that the Arizona Cardinals have made it this far does not mean they are the best team in the National Football League. The Cardinals came out strong when they played the Eagles on Jan. 18.’ After the half, they had problems with the Eagles’ offense due to a lack of defense. This is where Pittsburgh will dominate.

The Cardinals will make rookie mistakes, and the Steelers will profit from them.’ Larry Fitzgerald is the player everyone is looking at to make great catches and lead the Cardinals to victory, but can he throw off Steelers safety Troy Polamalu? I think the Cardinals’ offense will be in a world of trouble when it faces the Steelers’ defense.’ My Prediction: Steelers 35-17.

Cordero Jr.
Fitzgerald and Warner will win it for Cards

For the first time ever, I agree with Ronnie-Mario also brought his F game to Fighting Words in his first appearance. The Steelers won’t come close to putting up 35 points, and the Cardinals’ offense is too high-powered to only score 17 points. Of course the Cardinals are not the best team in the NFL. They are just playing their best down the stretch, in hopes of winning a coveted Super Bowl for the franchise.

Despite the Cardinals’ great defense, all of my eggs are officially thrown into the Fitzgerald basket. Fitzgerald, once a Minnesota Vikings ball boy turned All-Pro wide receiver, will dominate the weakness of the Steelers defense-their cornerbacks. The Pittsburgh linebackers and Polamalu are great, but Fitzgerald will abuse and punish the Steelers’ corners on any route.

I’m a huge Ravens fan, and after watching the Steelers beat Baltimore three times this season, I have to stick to my prediction of a Cardinals 27-20 win.

Super Bowl victory is not in the Cards

Mario, you’re such a weakling. I doubt anyone here is going to argue that Arizona is the best team in the NFL. But to say that the Cardinals haven’t played much defense lately is a huge understatement.

In three playoff games, the Cardinals forced 12 turnovers and had seven sacks. They gave up only 250 yards to the Falcons and 269 yards to the Panthers. The Cardinals may not have been defensive juggernauts in the regular season, but they have played extremely well on that side of the ball in the postseason.

The Cardinals’ efficiency in rushing defense should help them tremendously against the Steelers, who are a power rushing team. Take away the Steelers’ rushing attack and force Steelers quarterback Ben ‘I-hold-on-to-the-ball-too-long’ Roethlisberger to put the game on his shoulders, and Arizona will have a chance.

I predict the Cardinals will squeak by the Steelers, 21-17.

Whatever happens to Judge Dredd in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Judge Dredd has chosen not to give his Super Bowl prediction this season thanks to a long legal battle with Las Vegas bookies. You see, Judge Dredd’s ability to be omnipresent and his vast sports knowledge pretty much allows him to pick the spread dead-on.

A few keen gamblers found this out and made a killing last year. To make a long story short, Vegas sued Judge Dredd for screwing them out of hundreds of millions of dollars. He obliterated claimants in their sleep with his laser eyes, nullifying the case, but the process was tiring.

Mario, you’re going to have come a lot harder than that. Over the last four games the Cardinals have played like the best team in the NFL, which is why they are in the Super Bowl. It’s going to take three 5-10 former USC safeties with long hair to contain Fitzgerald.

Verdict: Judge Dredd liked Keith’s argument, but since Keith took it upon himself to address Judge Dredd in person on how he rules on his verdicts, Keith loses yet again. Let that be a lesson to all you umbrella-carrying sissies out there who would dare test Judge Dredd. Ronnie wins again.

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