Women’s rights still have struggle ahead

The abortion argument has begun yet again, and this time it’s on our doorstep.

The Houston Area Pastor Council held a press conference and organized a protest on Thursday at the site of the future Planned Parenthood on the Gulf Freeway, just off the UH campus.

This facility is the largest in the state and will be primarily slated as administrative and family planning space.’ ‘ Whatever the views on reproductive choice, the basic need for reproductive responsibility exists.

Conclusions on who is responsible for personal medical decisions, or to whom they are responsible, is a long contended debate. What is unpalatable is the idea of backsliding on giving women options on how to better and more safely manage their health and health related decisions.’ Comparing a medical facility to ‘Auschwitz’ is hardly appropriate on any level and reduces the level of discussion to little more than shrill accusation.

Young women faced similar challenges to their counterparts 10 or 20 years ago, when the glass ceiling was measurably prevalent and when job discrimination on the basis of gender was similarly rampant, albeit well-hidden.’ At the time, the liability of pregnancy, maternity leave and the perception that women were more likely to prioritize family over work were considered reasons for women to be overlooked for promotion.

People who claim the playing field has been leveled and deny remaining bias can simply confess their ignorance at the door.’ Even in this century, there have been studies showing a pay gap corresponding to gender.’ In 2007, a study by the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation indicated not only do women fare less well than their male counterparts at the outset of employment, making 80 percent lower salary a year out of college, but also in pay raises, leading to a comparative 69 percent of salary 10 years out of college.’ Adding kids to the mix makes the baseline tougher, certainly when juggling time in class and a likely part time job.

The decision to have a child is an important one, as is the decision to attend college – no matter the gender of the person making the decision. They both mark critical stages of personal growth, one in taking care of oneself, and the other in committing to total responsibility for another person.’ Women still have a great deal to prove in the job market, and choosing to address that responsibility before parturition is necessary for both college women and the well-being of the next generation.

Shaista Mohammed is an anthropology freshman and may be reached at [email protected]

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