Change of university’s name is change for the better

UH-Downtown is weighing the pros and cons of changing its name and proponents of the initiative mentioned there is some confusion between our campus and theirs.

Confusing names are a real problem. As if it wasn’t already tedious enough going through the admission process here with the long lines and lost paperwork, imagine doing it at the wrong institution. Some students who believed they were applying for this campus had actually sent their application to UHD, a situation bound to cause some heartburn.

Our campus seems to benefit with more than UHD does from donations to this campus, donors thinking that they are supporting their old downtown campus. This is not fair for UHD.

Let us make two universities Houston can love. UHD is a fantastic school that deserves to be recognized for its own achievements and does not need to ride our coattails any longer.

UHD should carve out its own path and its successes and failures should be attributed to it directly. It is run by a good set of people and taught by a fantastic faculty who deserves recognition for their own work. Too many people may assume a UHD degree is like a UH degree. It is not.

UHD’s Web site points out, ‘UH-Downtown has a proud history of providing a high-quality education to a diverse student population. Since its founding in 1974, UHD has more than doubled the size of its student population, increased the number of degree programs from one to nearly 40 – including four graduate programs, renovated and expanded the campus, achieved accreditation and received national recognition for its student diversity and outstanding academic opportunities.’

It really sounds like they have and will continue to do well. So stand out, UHD; be your own school, earn your own acclaim.

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