Man shot to death on campus

A man was shot to death Saturday at the Metro bus stop outside Hofheinz Pavilion on the 3400 block of Cullen Blvd.

The unidentified victim was a white male between the ages of 40 and 50 with long, unkempt hair and a ‘weathered look,’ police said.

The Homicide unit of the Houston Police Department is investigating with cooperation from Metro.

Police said the shooting occurred between 6 and 7 a.m.’ The victim, who was likely homeless, was sleeping on the bus stop bench before being shot once in the head, police said.

Police said the incident was probably not a robbery and are referring to it as a ‘random act of violence.’

The University has 490 security cameras with two in the immediate vicinity of the shooting which may have recorded footage useful to the case, police said.

Despite the shooting, classes will be held as scheduled today.

Carl Carlucci, UH System vice President and vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance, issued a statement to the campus community.

‘With more than 60,000 individuals on our campus at any given time, and an area that encompasses nearly 600 acres, UH is the size of a small city.’ As such, we’re subject to the same amount of crime and violence any community faces,’ Carlucci said in his statement.

‘However, statistically speaking, the university remains as safe and secure as most areas of Houston and safer than many.’ This is no accident.’

The victim was found by a UH student who then called 911.

Carlucci said he and UH President and UHS Chancellor Renu Khator are committed to maintaining campus safety.

‘Nearly 50 police officers and two dozen security officers safeguard us, and more than 400 security cameras allow us to monitor the campus around the clock,’ he said in his statement. ‘We have an emergency communication system in place that, when necessary, allows us to alert our campus community rapidly and reliably.’

Students are encouraged to report any suspicious persons or activities to campus police by using the blue-light emergency phones or by calling 713-743-3333.

‘It is important to remember that campus safety is everybody’s concern and is everybody’s responsibility,’ Carlucci said in his statement. ‘We are especially interested in having your cell phone number on file since this allows text messaging, the most effective way for immediate communication when it is required.’

Students can update their contact information at

Faculty can update contact information at

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