Readers’ reactions misguided

I was reading Monday’s edition of our local little newspaper and my English teacher noticed the picture on the front cover – you know the one. She asked to see the paper and after I handed it to her, said the picture of the homicide victim was something my editor should never let reach the paper. My teacher was shocked the picture actually showed the victim’s body.

I never even gave the picture a second glance. I did not think that showing a body in a newspaper would be a big deal. I just assumed since we see worse on TV every day, that kind of imagery is not taboo anymore. Apparently I was wrong.

The comments on this story at thedailycougar.com attack the newspaper with uncanny force. They range from, ‘This should have been handled better’ to ‘You guys are trash.’ It is safe to assume most of the commentators are students at UH. So, The Daily Cougar seemingly offended most of the student body.

Well, thank you for the input. Newspapers would not exist at the level they do now without that kind of reaction and input from the public. If not for the unalienable right to free speech and freedom of expression, it is possible we never would have even heard of the murder. So, in correlation with free speech, here is a reaction to your reaction.

We are adults now. Mommy cannot hold our hands for the rest of our lives. We will all eventually have to face the real world, and the unfortunate truth is the real world is harsh and can be obscene.

When the paper printed a picture of a dead man, it printed news. Many commentors are horrified by the photo of a slain man, yet a large majority watch shows like Law and Order and play ‘Grand Theft Auto’. If you are truly disgusted by this or any other graphic event, I suggest you stay away from the news and the media as a whole. This world is not getting any nicer, and the media reflects the world.

I was just as shocked and horrified by this event as anyone else. However, it is the event that was horrible, not the reporting itself. The comments, while I obviously disagree with them, are exactly what this paper and this country still need.

Joshua Brown is an undecided freshman and may be reached at [email protected].

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