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Friends, stars fair game for comic

The Daily Cougar:’ When did you get started in comedy?
Pablo Francisco:’ I got started in comedy about 25 years ago. I was working at Domino’s Pizza and writing my jokes there, and I had some funny neighbors that I would hang out with that lived right across the alley from me.’ I just started doing it; I started making fun of people in school and stuff like that.’ I took off from there ‘- I’d say about ’88.
TDC: So how long have you been performing professionally?
Francisco: I’ve been performing for 16 years now.
TDC: How much time do you spend touring?
Francisco: Let’s see. How many weeks in the year?’ Fifty-two, right?
TDC: Yeah, 52.
Francisco:‘ So I do 51 weeks.
TDC: That’s a lot.
Francisco:’ Yeah, I do everything I can. It’s so much fun and the money is good, too.
TDC: What’s your favorite part of doing comedy?
Francisco:‘ My favorite part of doing stand up is doing the movie-preview guy, doing the impressions part of it, those kind of things.
TDC: Will we hear the movie-preview guy at your shows in Houston?
Francisco: (Mimicking Don LaFontaine’s voice) Yes, you will; you will hear it in Houston. (Resumes using his own voice) I’ll do it there and I will make fun of everybody!’ We’ll make fun of Drew Barrymore. We’ll make fun of Angelina. (Mimicking La Fontaine’s voice) Drew Barrymore is back in ‘Who’s going to sleep with me this year?’ (Resumes normal voice) You know, that kind of thing.

TDC: Where will we be able to see you next week?
Francisco:‘ I’ll be performing at the Improvisation with Eric B, a local guy and headliner.’ He’ll be performing with me and Dustin Ybarra.
TDC: How many times have you been to Houston?
Francisco:’ I’ve been to Houston about 10 times.
TDC: Is Houston a good city for comedians?
Francisco:’ Absolutely! It’s a great comedy town because it has nice crowds and everybody’s crunched up in one little spot.
TDC: Where does your material come from?
Francisco:‘ I get my ideas from newspapers, watching television and my friends, especially my friends that are in relationships.
TDC: What did you think when you realized that you could do this for a living?
Francisco:’ It was a dream come true; it was a hobby that turned into a career.
TDC: Do you have any advice for aspiring comedians?
Francisco: Don’t tell your parents you’re doing comedy, let them hear about you. You can tell your friends.’ Get on stage a lot.’ Buy a recorder and tape your act. Oh, and go to my Web site,, and buy my CD.

Pablo Francisco will be performing at the Improv comedy club Thursday through Sunday.

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