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2002: Looking for love in library

This week in history on Feb. 14, 2002, The Daily Cougar reported the library was filled with students – but don’t think they were focused solely on their books.

The Daily Cougar’s Kristin Buchanan reported M.D. Anderson Memorial Library was one of the most popular places on campus for students to spot a potential date.

Then-librarian Evelyn Ighedosa said she notices the most flirtation on the first floor, but the third floor is also known for being a prevalent hangout.

Then-librarian Tamara Hopkins said she observes the same males trying to attract a number of females throughout the day.

‘I see the same guys tryin’,’ she said. ‘I just blow them off because they do that a thousand times a day.’

However, not all relationships that begin in the library are headed for doom. Ighedosa said a former co-worker found her future husband while working at the library.

‘He had a problem with checking out books. She noticed something about his countenance, and they started talking,’ Ighedosa said. ‘They switched numbers and went out for 10 months before they got engaged.’

The library was built in 1951 and was updated in 2004 with the addition of a new front entrance and the John O’Quinn Atrium. In addition to housing books, the library also holds a 24-hour computer lab and is the home of The Honors College.

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