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Art Storm loses gallery space

A sign of the troubled times, economics is even starting to affect art. The Houston collective ArtStorm will be losing its gallery space at 4828 Caroline.

Because of high overhead, the art group has decided to ‘cut costs’ and opt out of their lease at Caroline Collective location. Future planned exhibits have been put on hold until gallery space can be found.

ArtStorm is an organization of artists dedicated to exhibiting local talent and open to innovative ideas when it comes to art.

The current exhibit, A Jewel Encrusted Pathology, will remain on display through March 14.

By two of ArtStorm’s very own, the Alicia Seale and Megan Whitenton’s exhibit is displayed in the manner of a ‘lived-in’ environment. The creation of an inviting space, rather than a plain, white room, enhances the familiarity with the art and encourages the viewer to resonate comfortably with each piece.

Seale, ArtStorm’s senior designer, will exhibit pen-and-ink drawings as well as hand-made custom housewares. Whitenton, public relations director of ArtStorm, will exhibit collage-like works as well as recycled works of art.

All pieces on display will be available for purchase. Prices will be reasonable and negotiable. One purpose of exhibiting the artwork as if it were within a home is to encourage visitors to see they too can afford art.

A Jewel Encrusted Pathology will run through March 14. The gallery is open noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays.

The closing of ArtStorm’s exhibit space is not the end of the art collective as a group however. A large-scale event is tentatively scheduled for May 9. More news will be coming on its Web site at

The Caroline Collective also hosts other events. For those attending South By Southwest, an annual music festival in Austin in March, a pre-SXSW party will be held at the Caroline Collection from 6 to 9 p.m. March 12. The goal of this party is to meet other Houston attendees of SXSW, as well as planning your schedule and picking up tips from previous SXSW attendees. More information can be found at

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