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Good ‘work and play’ is FSA member

Ali: What did you do (this weekend)?
Christine Gonzaga: Dance practice, football practice and studying.
Ali: Where do you go and dance and where do you play football?
Gonzaga: I can’t say nothing about the dance, because it’s suppose to be a secret. Football is for (Filipino Student Association), and we practice at the IM field.
Ali: How long have you been playing for?
Gonzaga: Just this semester.
Ali: Is it a girls’ team?
Gonzaga: It’s a girls’ team, guys’ team, and co-ed.
Ali: How often do you guys have games?
Gonzaga: We don’t have games. We’re just preparing for this big event called Good Fill.
Ali: What is that about?
Gonzaga: Good Fill is where all the FSA’s from different schools come together and compete to represent their school.
Ali: What other kinds of things do you all do other than this?
Gonzaga: We do fundraising. Just a typical student association. Having socials, meetings. This semester we’re going to adopt a child in the Philippines.
Ali: Wow, how are you guys doing that?
Gonzaga: Right now it’s still in the process, but the one who is in charge is keeping us up-to-date.
Ali: Is it a contact in the Philippines?
Gonzaga: Yeah, we got a contact in the Philippines and we’re going to adopt a child and write pen pal letters and give gifts. In the future, we’re also planning to bring him/her here and spend a day with us.
Ali: So is this the first outreach project that you guys have done or are doing?
Gonzaga: This is the first time. We’re the first FSA from Texas to actually do this.
Ali: Wow, that’s pretty impressive.
Gonzaga: Yeah, it’s a change.

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