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Band glory re- ‘Found’

With Not Without A Fight, New Found Glory comes out swinging with pop-punk rights and hardcore lefts in its Epitaph Records’ debut.

There is an alarming trend gaining in popularity – pop-punk with a hint of hardcore. Luckily, New Found Glory is one of the only bands who can effectively pull off this juxtaposition of sound. 2006’s Coming Home was a departure from the band’s signature sound, leaning more towards pop-rock than pop-punk. While Coming Home showed somewhat of an effort in towards maturing, it left many fans disappointed. Last year’s Tip of the Iceberg EP saw New Found Glory exploring it’s hardcore leanings further.

When the single ‘Listen To Your Friends’ was released, it was a throwback to the old New Found Glory; a catchy pop-punk band that surpassed the crop of mall-punk that died out faster than you can say Benji Madden. Not Without A Fight is produced by Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus helping capture the band’s live energy on record.

‘Right Where We Left Off’ opens the record and literally sounds like right where the band left off with Coming Home. ‘Don’t Let Her Hold You Down’ explores the reoccurring theme of getting over failed relationships, and is the album’s best song and a possible single. Lyrics could make the near-30-year-olds sound like whining teenagers, but the band pulls it off on ’47.’

After five strong tracks, the album tails off. Returning to form is one thing, but regressing in direction is another. The rest of Not Without A Fight doesn’t come close to the album’s first half. The better songs should translate well live. New Found Glory will play at Warehouse Live April 8.

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