March 30, 2009 – Letters to the Editor

SGA president deserves chance

In the aftermath of Kenneth Fomunung’s surprise win over incumbent Alexander Obregon, I’ve heard a lot of things. Congratulations to the candidate abound, and rightly so. But a disconcerting minority have taken this opportunity to worry about the future of SGA, naysaying before Fomunung’s even had a chance.

To me, this is unconscionable. Regardless of your views on the candidate, Fomunung made it through two tough elections, and a majority of the students who voted chose to vote for him.

If he makes bad calls, point them out. If he breaks the rules, take him to task. These are our rights as part of a democratic student body. But please, let the poor man take office before you start criticizing him. He is the new, rightly elected face of the student body, and we all owe him basic this human courtesy.

Micah Kenfield, English senior

UH administration priorities misplaced

What is the number one problem with University of Houston? In my opinion, it’s probably the ridiculous bureaucracy of confusion. The buck stops nowhere. At times this makes the second most massive problem – parking – even worse.

Apparently no one in the upper echelons of our school’s leadership noticed that this was, in-fact, a commuter school. People drive vehicles to school every single day. Thousands of them.

I don’t quite know how the organizers at this school fail to notice this gigantic demographic. After all, we are the ones who pay tuition. And President Khator wants to spend the sweet green somewhere else. I hope the new University Center comes with a thousand extra parking spots.

So what if it takes students an hour to find a parking spot? I guess missing class isn’t that big of a deal to the leaders of this school. I guess student convenience and actual schooling aren’t so important as the weekend cookoff or the dunk tank.

It’s pretty obvious to me that the people who make the calls here at UH have zero regard for the pulse of the student body. Sometimes I wonder why we keep paying tuition only to be snubbed by the bureaucracy.

But oh, is that carnival joyous.

Calvin Silver, Geology senior

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