Fighting Words: NCAA Championship

Mario Trindad:‘ Tar Heels have history on their side

One team, and only one team, should be on everyone’s lips when asked this question: the North Carolina Tar Heels.

This team has what the other teams do not – experience. UNC has had the second most wins in NCAA basketball history and the fourth most championships.’

I usually go for the underdogs in these types of situations, but I really do not believe Michigan State or Villanova can pull off a win in this situation. Connecticut also has a lot of experience, but only two titles in the past 10 years and three final four appearances, including this year.’

Villanova and Michigan State have experience in the NCAA Tournament, but they are not ready for another championship. UNC seems to be the favorite, so I have to join the Tar Heel bandwagon.

Keith Cordero Jr. : Wildcats to keep roaring towards NCAA Championship

The Final Four is set for Detroit and with overall top seed Louisville out of the picture, the clear-cut favorite is North Carolina.’

I hate to agree with Mario, but UNC is absolutely stacked with talent, led by ACC Player of the Year Ty Lawson and All-American Tyler Hansbrough. Despite all of the talk about the Tar Heels, I am a firm believer in the Villanova Wildcats, who are making their first Final Four appearance since they won it all in 1985.’

The Wildcats are playing the best ball down the stretch, and have already beaten UCLA, Duke and Pittsburgh in the NCAA Tournament. Villanova shoots a very high percentage from the free-throw line and 3-point line, spreading out their opponents on defense.

Scottie Reynolds and Dante Cunningham will lead Villanova to a close win over the Tar Heels, and they will beat the Connecticut-Michigan State winner. Villanova’s ability to drive to the basket and get low post buckets with Cunningham will be the key to victory.

Phillipe Craig:’ Like T.I. said, ‘it’s motivation’

It’s the last weekend of the tourney and you have to go hard to the rack and finish. That is, when making a pick to win it all.’

First off, I can’t really tell if Keith actually likes Villanova over North Carolina. This is ‘fighting words,’ not ‘agreement words’ followed by picking someone else just for the sake of it. The Villanova Wildcats beat UCLA at home, an overrated Duke team and played the game of their lives against Pitt. They peaked too early and are due for a letdown.

Mario’s argument makes sense on the surface, but the ‘experience’ he cites is misleading. It isn’t their historical experience that will get the Tar Heels the title, but the experience from last year when eventual champion Kansas ran them off the court.’

All five of UNC’s starters returned this year, along with Danny Green, putting off the NBA for another title run. This time of year is about who wants it more, and no one has more hunger or motivation than the Tar Heels. It will be Carolina and Connecticut in the title game with the boys from tobacco road prevailing.

Judge Dredd: Tar Heels’ dominance may cause temporary blindness

Well, excluding Phillipe’s ‘This isn’t Agreement Words’ joke, this edition of Fighting Words bored the hell out of Judge Dredd. Everybody and their mom appears to have picked the Tar Heels to walk away National Champions, and with good reason. They’ve kicked so much butt, millions of people around the country have experienced temporary blindness as a result.

This sudden outbreak of blindness, which Judge Dredd mentioned before has been a direct result of the butt-kickings dealt out by North Carolina, is an obvious sign. The Tar Heels will be crowned national champs. Seriously, just think about it. You’re sitting there watching the Tar Heels beat the crap out of Oklahoma and all of a sudden you go blind. When it happened to Judge Dredd, the first thing that came to his mind was, ‘Judge Dredd, maybe branding your name on the butts of the pets in the neighborhood isn’t a productive use of your laser eyes.’

Then Judge Dredd thought, ‘Hmm, this temporary blindness is either karma, or the Tar Heels are going to win it all.’

Verdict: Phillipe wins this round of Fighting Words.

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