Fomunung wins run-off election

Despite facing a 233-vote general-elction deficit, communication senior Kenneth Fomunung is the president-elect of the Student Government Association.

Fomunung said he and Vice President-elect Prince Wilson want to bring student government back to the students and create unity, transparency and accountability to the organization when they assume office Wednesday.

ìWhile I recognize that the 45th administration has done some good work, I still think there’s a general consensus on campus that SGA is largely an isolated organization,îù Fomunung said. ìIt is unacceptable as the premier student organization on campus, which drafts bills and passes legislation for our well-being, that students still don’t know what SGA stands for.îù

Fomunung and Wilson won the run-off election after receiving 25.5 percent votes in the general election- 7.3 percent behind SGA Speaker Alexander Obregon and Senator Laura Bobrick.

ì(The election results) tell me that the students embraced my vision for progressive change in SGA,îù Fomunung said.ìIt encourages me to believe that I really can achieve the unity that I seek.îù

Fomunung said he intends to update the SGA Web site to bring more transparency so students can interact online and provide feedback.

ìI think transparency will directly result in accountability,îù Fomunung said.

Working closely with students will be a hallmark of his time in office Fomunung said.

ìBecause of the grassroots approach, I think we have the momentum we need to move forward to redefine SGA on campus,îù he said.ìIt is my fundamental hope- come April 1, 2010- students may say that (my administration) was a defining moment at UH, when student government really brought the student voice back to prominence.îù

Fomunung said he has been reviewing SGA’s constitution and by-laws, as well as consulting with executives from previous administrations.

ì(President) Sam (Dike) has been resourceful and giving me advice in terms of dealing with the administration,îù Fomunung said.ìEmphasizing that we need not fight the administration but work with them to get things done for our students.îù

SGA Vice President Jonas Chin will help transition incoming administration.

ìThe best thing we can do is share our knowledge,îù Chin said.ìWe plan on meeting with Kenneth and Prince this week and we’re trying to put together a transition package.îù

Chin said Fomunung and Wilson will be more than able to execute their duties in office when they join SGA.

ìI think Kenneth and Prince are going to be just fine,îù Chin said.ìEstablishment or non-establishment, the bottom line is Kenneth and Prince were elected, and we’re going to do our best to share as much experience as we can.îù

In addition to implementing his own policies, Fomunung said some of his predecessor’s initiatives remain part of the new administration’s objectives.

ìOur criteria for judgment would be what’s best for students, as always,îù Fomunung said.

Two initiatives Fomunung said he definitely intends to retain are the institution of college councils and the five-point tuition plan.

ìI’m in support of (the five-point tuition) plan because I do think it will greatly benefit students during these harsh economic times,îù Fomunung said.ìEspecially the tuition freeze for academic year 2009-10.îù

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