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UH bachelors audition

Students crowded into the lounge at the UC Underground on Thursday for a chance to sit in a tiny room, hot with production lights, look into a camera and tell the world why they should be chosen as the first UH Bachelor or Bachelorette.

Patrick Uzoh, a senior in kinesiology, thought trying out might be something fun to do.

‘I figured it would be a good idea to come try out and help the school,’ Uzoh said. ‘I’m more excited than nervous. It’s going to be fun.’

Co-producer and director Bonnie Quach was pleased by the turnout.

‘It’s a great turnout, I’m excited,’ Quach said. ‘We thought there would only be a couple of people.’

After the tryouts, the producers will sit down and go over every audition.

‘The next step is watching all the footage,’ Quach said. ‘Through that, we’ll be choosing who our bachelor and bachelorettes will be.’

Joseph Lee, a sophomore and computer science major, is excited about doing something different.

‘I like trying new things so I’m trying this out,’ Lee said. ‘I’m just doing this for fun.’

Brittane Evans is a sophomore majoring in health and she said she thinks the show will provide exposure on different levels.

‘It’s never happened at UH since I’ve been here,’ Evans said. ‘I think it would be pretty good exposure. It’s different with us being minorities. It would help show a side of the culture that you don’t really see in public.’

Her friend, biology sophomore Rashele Sharkey, agrees.

‘It’ll be a pretty fun experience,’ Sharkey said.

Co-producer and director Chase Jacobsen said the participants have signed releases and the UH Bachelor staff are taking extra precautions.

‘Since most people on campus will be at least 18, there won’t be much of a problem (with under age students),’ Jacobsen said. ‘But we’re asking people how old they are. If during the interview process we find out they’re too young, we’re obviously not going to chose them just because of legal issues.’

Rob Watson, junior hotel and restaurant management, got a call from his friend who told him to try out.

‘It’s something new and interesting to do,’ Watson said. ‘So I’m just going to give it a try. I’d be more nervous if I made it, but this is just coming down here and talking.’

Co-producer and director Cris Cole was pleased with the day’s turnout.
‘My expectations are always going to be high,’ Cole said. ‘It’s ok; I’m pretty pleased with the turn out.’

The auditions will be the first episode and the crew will begin the series on May 15, Cole said. The host of the UH Bachelor will be Corina Barrera, a junior in broadcast journalism. Barrera is excited about her role in the production.

‘This is what I want to do in my career,’ Barerra said. ‘I was a producer for the Student Video Network, and now I want to branch out and get some more experience.’

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